5 DIY Marketing Strategies for your HVAC Business


There are many different HVAC marketing strategies that can help you run a more profitable and efficient HVAC contracting business. And, the best thing is that the majority of these strategies allow you to implement various modern HVAC marketing ideas all on your own, step by step. 

At least until your business begins to grow and you find that continuing to micromanage different aspects of your marketing efforts would become too time-consuming. Until then, however, there are plenty of strategies you can use during your everyday business operations in order to boost your company’s online presence and appeal.

What do-it-yourself HVAC marketing strategies should I implement?

If you’re only starting to develop the marketing potential of your HVAC contracting company, you’re in luck because there are several useful and effective DIY approaches to marketing that can help you improve your business operations.

Keyword research for search engine marketing

All initial efforts into building a successful marketing strategy for your HVAC contracting business should begin with a thorough research of the keywords relevant to your business and to the area you’re operating in. 

Keyword research is a detailed process of finding specific phrases that potential customers could search online when looking for different heating and cooling services. Once you create a database of keywords to incorporate into your SEO-boosting efforts, you can move on to creating different types of HVAC marketing strategies.

Marketing analysis of your competition

There’s no shame in checking on your competition and seeing how they’re managing their marketing efforts. The idea behind researching your competitors is to learn which marketing strategies are paying off for them, and which ones are not, so that you know what to focus on. Competition analysis should consist of several aspects:

  • How well your competitors are performing in search results.
  • Their social media presence.
  • The type of content they’re producing with their blog posts.
  • If and how active they are on YouTube.

Developing HVAC marketing content

Once you get some ideas on what type of content you would like to start creating for your website, it’s time to start developing that content. However, there’s more to writing adequate HVAC content than just typing in quick 150-word scribbles your potential customers can gloss over.

Your goal is to create a long-lasting content database that will allow all your potential clients to come to your website and find the information they have been searching for. In order to provide that, pay attention to the following: 

  • Create content that revolves around solving a potential problem.
  • Do not make the content about your business and your company. 
  • Make sure the content has the necessary amount of useful information.
  • Include a call to action to stimulate the readers to reach out.

Search engine optimization of your website

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a wide topic that requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and specific skills to adequately implement into an HVAC company’s marketing strategy. 

The basics of search engine optimization is to find frequently-searched keywords and base your website optimization around those specific keywords. Also, you need to try and build as many backlinks to your website as possible to boost your company’s visibility and authority so that, in time, you start receiving high-quality traffic. 

Boosting your presence on social media

One of the easier but important aspects of every successful HVAC marketing campaign is improving your presence on various social media outlets. Just try and regularly post updates on your social media accounts, which will improve your visibility. 

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What is the HVAC marketing company to hire for improved online presence?

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